Instant Local Information!

Enjoy your area – and save time and money

The Problem – 300 Million Websites

Too often you go to a computer with a simple query, spend ages – and end up with endless lists of possible sites.

The Solution – Interest & Location Focused Microportal Gateways

Gateways focus the Internet on where you are and what you are interested in. Try making this site your homepage and you have 3 click (max) access to any site relevant to you wherever you are:

A few examples of what you can do

  • 1 click to your own five day weather forecast
  • 1 click to community and church activity
  • 1 click to a map of your area
  • 1 click to the best shopping and services comparison sites
  • 1 click to check your local traffic, plan a route or print the maps
  • 1 click to see the TV and Radio listings – and the national news
  • 1 click to find a restaurant, or B&B near you – or where you are going
  • 1 click to local events and news
  • 1 click to the day's news and sports headlines
  • 1 click to digital radio
  • 2 clicks to download a free virus checker or spam blocker
  • 2 clicks to find a doctor, computer repairer, DIY shop, etc

Make it your Homepage